Haunted House Jobs in Greenville SC, Join the Greenville Zombie Outbreak

Thanks for your interest in working at our haunted trail! We are now hiring for our 2016 season!


Due to unforeseen circumstances, Greenville Zombie Outbreak will NOT be open this season!


We will return for 2017… creepier and even more “shady” than before! Check back NEXT YEAR for zombie horror at it’s worst…


This year visit REAL haunted places DOWNTOWN Greenville on our ORIGINAL attraction: Greenville Ghost Tour



So you want to work in the middle of the zombie apocalypse huh?

We need part time volunteers and full time staff for our Halloween attraction! So if you have wanted a job at a haunted house or trail then this is your chance! Nobody works at a haunted house to get rich… we do it because it is a blast to put on a production that scares people so bad they pee themselves. We are thankful for all of those who help us accomplish this mission be they volunteer or paid full time staff member.

james2Volunteer Many folks love to volunteer just for fun, please let us know what dates and times you are available. We need volunteer zombies for our horde, wounded civilians, handy folks and craftsmen to help build sets. Volunteers are folks who can’t commit to our full time staff but still want to be involved and love scaring people. Some folks can only volunteer 1 or 2 nights per week… so long as you can help regularly we would love to talk to you!

Paid staff must be available every day we are open for the entire 5 weeks we are open. Our paid staff are our core crew whom we rely on the most. As a part of our full time crew, you will be in some of our most critically important roles. We will be open every Fri-Sat in October… so make sure you are available. Yes you can actually get paid to scare the sh!t out of people! Like we said, most folks don’t do this to get rich. Most of our full time staff members have other full or part time jobs… They get off work and then get in their costumes and head to the haunt. It is a passion! If this sounds like you, and you want to join the growing GZO family… fill out the form below!

We are officially only open for this charitable event HALLOWEEN NIGHT October 31st 2016

Practice is the last 2 weekends before Halloween!!

CONTACT US and let us know what kind of position you would be interested in. If you are interested in one of the larger roles like guiding the guests, a little acting experience is best.. and you should be able to improv and talk loudly. You don’t need to be an amazing actor for any of our roles… but the better you are the more it helps!


Available roles include:

  • zombie hordes
  • mad scientist
  • sexy zombie nurses
  • military
  • Mermaid
  • Sideshow talker / Clown (captain spaulding style attitude)
  • zombie hunters
  • refugees
  • line entertainers
  • guides
  • parking attendants
  • security
  • MORE!rosezombie

If you would like to be involved then we would love to have you on the team! The most important things are that you BE RELIABLE and that you really want to be here. Did we mention that it is fun scaring the crap out of people??? It really is!

We are hiring paid staff and volunteers NOW… We aim to have all spots filled before September ends. So contact us NOW…

Q: How old do I have to be work at the GZO?

A: You must be at least 17 yrs old to work at the GZO attraction. Children under that age must have your parents permission AND your parent must work or volunteer with us too.

Q: How much does it pay?

A: ALL haunted houses in this area pay a commission based on ticket sales. It the industry standard. So the busier we are the more everyone makes. Details will be provided at the interview, so please don’t just message us and ask how much it pays. This is a seasonal job that lasts a month and is fun as crap. It is NOT a career.

Please use this contact form to provide us with your contact details and tell us why you want to work at our haunt, what kind of experience you have, etc…

We need about 20 more VOLUNTEER staff members!

Please check your email and SPAM folder for our email responses… It is important that you respond quickly…

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Please answer the following questions in the box below:

-Do you want to Volunteer OR join the Full Time Paid Staff?

-Why do you want to work at our haunt?

-Do you have haunted house or acting experience?

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