Greenville SC Haunted House Trail Zombie Shoot

Greenville SC Zombie shoot puts haunted houses to shame!

Greenville SC, the zombie outbreak has begun and puts all other haunted houses to shame! The most terrifying haunted trail and zombie shoot in South Carolina will be open in October!

This is an interactive haunted trail and zombie shoot that winds its way through more than an acre in Greenville counties outlying industrial area. You have been to other haunted houses… now experience the sheer terror of trying to escape the hordes of zombies that have one purpose… to eat you ALIVE!

You will be armed with a weapon that allows you to shoot at the zombies on our haunted trail… try to stay alive in this crap hits the fan scenario. Forget the haunted house and get your zombie shoot on! Drop zombies to stay alive and LET THE BODIES HIT THE FLOOR!

Buy tickets online or at the haunt… See our directions page for details… if you aint skeerd

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Haunted Houses in Greenville, SC

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